The inhabitants of the underwater world

The seas and oceans live the most ancient, the largest, strongest and most poisonous animals in the world. Many of them look like creatures from other planets. With some of them we’ll meet today.

21 photo


Photos Andrew Shpataka

1. Poliorhis carafuto or Medusa Sakhalin:

Poliorhis carafuto or Medusa Sakhalin.

2. Golozhabeny shellfish:

Golozhabeny clam

3. Golozhabeny shellfish:

Golozhabeny clam

4. Shellfish Falabellina nobbilis:

Shellfish Falabellina nobbilis

5. Steer-cottidae butterfly from the family:

Steer butterfly from the family cottidae

6. Harlequin ghost pipefish. Pipefish decorations:

Harlequin ghost pipefish.  decorations pipefish

7. Medusa:


8. Shellfish Favorinus mirabiis:

Shellfish Favorinus mirabiis

9. A flock of young Dlinnoplavnikovyh reef squid:

A gaggle of young Dlinnoplavnikovyh reef squid

10. A small hydromedusa, 10 mm diameter dome:

Hydromedusa small, 10 mm diameter dome

11. Kryloruky shellfish Marine yo:

Kryloruky shellfish Marine yo

12. Nearly adult individual lionfish:

Nearly adult individual lionfish

13. Excited coconut octopus:

Excited coconut octopus

14. graphically turtle:

graphically turtle

15. Bay ore. Sepiolite bicornuate:

Bay Ore.  sepiolite bicornuate



17. Octopus:


18. It is a transparent squid. Length of 40 mm:


19. The larval stage flounder — his eyes still on the opposite side of the body. Length of 20 mm:


20. Young individual impeller (Lionfish). Size — 20mm .:


21. Philippines: