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The hottest place on Earth: the Danakil depression

Danakil Depression is located in the northern part of the Afar Triangle on the border of Ethiopia and Eritrea, as part of the eponymous desert. This is the hottest place on Earth, and one of the lowest places on the planet.

Volcanoes, geysers, acid pools, huge salt fields and colorful mineral lakes — all of this in today’s journey.

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The hottest place on Earth: the Danakil depression

1. The crater of the volcano in the Danakil desert Ertale. This is — one of the five famous volcanoes in the world, with a lava lake, as well as the world’s only volcano, whose lava lake just two, which makes it truly unique. (Photo by Mike Korostelev):

The crater of the volcano Erta Ale in the Danakil desert

2. Colorful hot spring. In general, everything here is more like a landscape from another planet. (Photo Wuthrich Didier):

Colorful hot spring

3. Saline and salt extraction. (Photo by Carl Court):

Saline and salt extraction

4. Salt Mountain Dallol volcano in Ethiopia. (Photo by Fredy Thuerig):

Salt Mountain volcano Dallol in Ethiopia

5. Many salt lake Karum (or Assal) lies in northern Danakilskoy desert at 115 meters below sea level. (Photo Rweisswald):

A huge salt lake Karum

6. Danakil Depression is the hottest place on Earth, if you take into account the temperature is not «a record high» and «medium-high» during the year. Maximum temperature (not in the shade) — 63 ° C during the summer temperature never falls below 40 ° C throughout the year — below 34 ° C. (Photo by Eric Lafforgue):

Danakil depression

7. Colorful formation near a small geyser. (Photo by Tanguy de Saint-Cyr):

Danakil depression

8. Lake Landmarks Dallol and its sulfur springs. (Photo by Einat Klein Photography):

Lake neighborhood Dallol and its sulfur springs

9. Sulfuric lake Danakilskoy depression. (Photo by Carl Court):

Brimstone lake basin Danakilskoy

10. Vulcan Ertale stored in Danakil desert; it lies below sea level and is an integral part of the so-called «Afar Triangle» — the zone of strong volcanic activity. Ertale — basaltic shield volcano with a lava lake in the crater. (Photo by Harri Jarvelainen Photography):

volcano Ertale

11. Lava. (Photo by Anastasia Koro):


12. Lava formation in a secondary crater Ertale. (Photo by Ji-Elle):

Lava formation in a secondary crater Ertale

13. Mineral deposits near the volcano Dallol. (Photo Mikluha Maklai):

Mineral deposits near the volcano Dallol

14. The sulfur deposits in Danakilskoy cavity. (Photo by Carl Court):

Sulfur deposits in the cavity Danakilskoy

15. Sol. A lot of salt. (Photo by Carl Court):

Salt.  much salt

16. The salt caravans are taken away. (Photo Zacharias Abubeker):


17. Danakil Depression is one of the lowest places on the planet is located 125 meters below sea level and ranks third in the list of the lowest places in Africa, second only to Lake Assal (-153 meters) and the Qattara Depression (-133 meters). (Photo by Carl Court):

Danakil depression

18. There is a single semi-abandoned villages, for example, Dallol. (Photo by Carl Court):


19. The caravan of camels loaded with salt. (Photo Siegfried Modola):

Caravan of camels with salt

20. Hot springs in Danakilskoy depression. (Photo by Eric Lafforgue):

Hot springs in Danakilskoy depression