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Life in Color: Green

The green color is one of the most common color in nature. Green there are also plants, and water, and animals. Green symbolizes life, vitality, and nature itself. However, in the winter of that color very little … 19 photo

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Antelope Canyon

Amazingly beautiful place — Antelope Canyon got its name from the red-red walls, resembling the skin of the animal. It is located in the north of Arizona, near the town of Page, at 240 km from

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HDR — fantastic pictures

HDRI (English High Dynamic Range Image.) — an image with a broad dynamic range. Pictures taken using this technique, sometimes surreal, but very beautiful. See also the first and second part of the HDR photos. Dog. (Photo by Chris Pokorny): Motorcycle. (Photo by

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Texture in nature.

Texture — is the focus of elements that make up the material. Textures can be seen everywhere, but the most interesting and varied textures are nature. See, also, the first part of the texture in nature , dedicated

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