Osprey on the hunt

Taiwanese photographer Chen Chengguang photographed osprey hunting. Particularly impressive look pictures, where are combined all movements of poultry before diving into the water.

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Osprey on the hunt

It is a large bird of prey a length of 60 cm, with a wingspan of 145-170 cm.


Osprey has several distinctive morphological features that allow it to hunt for fish.


Unlike other birds of prey Osprey diet almost completely (over 99%) consists of fish.


Ospreys hunt mainly in summer (less frequently in an ambush), hovering over the water at a height of 10-40 meters. When the victim discovered the bird descends quickly, puffing out his legs forward, removes the wings back and forth legs immersed in water.


In choosing specific types of promiscuous birds and eat everything that is able to catch the water surface.


Paws ospreys, unlike the clutches of other birds of prey, a long, long claws, and convex curved outer finger free to return back to assist in capturing the slippery fish. Feathers have a greasy water-repellent structure, and nasal nostril valves protect against ingress of water during diving.


Osprey — a relatively long-lived birds. The oldest known North American Osprey appeared male, whose age is estimated at 25 years.


The origin of birds has long been the subject of lively debate. The hypothesis about the origin of birds from theropod dinosaurs-was first proposed in 1868 by Thomas Huxley.


Birds inhabit all ecosystems of the world, including the internal parts of Antarctica. According to the International Ornithological Congress, on December 2019 science knows 10,758 species of living birds (20,034 subspecies), as well as 158 species extinct in the modern historical period.


A few more shots ospreys hunting.