Cheetah and seven kittens! rare event

Before Kenyan National Park, Masai Mara is worth a lot of problems for the conservation of rare species of fauna. But among all the others we can distinguish two particular problems — saving rhinos and cheetahs. About rhinos will be discussed separately, and today, together with scientists and rangers Masai Mara rejoice incredible event …

Cheetah and seven kittens!  rare event

Photos and text Alexey Osokin

Eighteen months ago, a female named Seelig (in Maasai means «hope») gave birth to seven wonderful kittens. The event is not only extremely important for the national park, but also unique — seven kittens in the litter are rare.


During the ten years of filming cheetahs in the Masai Mara and the Serengeti I have not seen more than six kittens in the same litter. Moreover, none of the reserve could not because my friends Rangers remember when this happened last time, and whether it happened …02s

The first time I met this incredible family two weeks ago. Kittens were already about a month. Prior to that, Seelig them carefully hid in the lair to protect against potential enemies, which, unfortunately, a lot of cheetahs from small predators such as jackals, to the most terrible threats — lion. Alas, lions eliminate any, even the very insignificance as cheetah kittens, food competition.


Make predictions, how many kittens she will be able to grow, it makes no sense, but in any case, for nature is a chance to increase the population of at-risk species … Perhaps in this way the nature and trying to somehow change the situation with the population of cheetahs. I’d like to believe that it will succeed.


How it helps the employees of the reserve? The answer is: to help so that they can:

1. Feed or finish feeding cheetahs do not need. The national park Masai Mara there are no problems with the food. Cheetahs are excellent hunters and Seelig is no exception.


2. Who is the area where he lives Seelig, is closed to tourists. This is important, as tourists tend to distract the animal and prevent it from hunting. This problem is solved, and then see. To claim 1.


3. Cheetahs hunt by day. It was at the time hunting kittens are most vulnerable, as my mother left them unattended. Virtually the entire day with cheetahs have a squad of rangers. If the kittens are threatened by obvious danger, there is a chance they do something to help.


BUT! Always help can not be, as it can become a habit in the animal. Then the mother will begin to lose vigilance, believing people always come to the rescue.


4. To continue the kind of need a strong, well-trained kittens. For training need mom. Therefore, take the kittens in the cage, and then release them into the wild is impossible. Cheetahs very quickly get used to the people and the chance of survival in these cheetahs in the wild there. Especially considering that the cheetah cat is quite weak. In order to survive you need experience, derived exclusively from the mother.09s

In other words, people are doing their best but that does not make sense. Save just for one particular beloved Fluffy or think of as a whole — a completely different task. If God forbid a mother that something happens, then the kittens will likely be taken to the nursery, but we should understand that in this case they will cease to be just wild.


Mom’s tail — a favorite toy of all kittens …


Now, let’s digress from the difficult issues that need to be engaged and involved in biology, and admire this miracle of nature …


As you can see, there is no time to relax mom. Baby needs attention …