glamorous insects

It turns out the bugs, insects and spiders can also be glamorous and look in the New Year . At least, in the performance of talented Israeli photographer Nadav Bagim from Ramat Gan. Meet the author of photos, 30-year-old photographer

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Komodo island

Komodo Island is located in the heart of the Indonesian archipelago. This place is home to unique and the largest lizards in the world — the Komodo dragons . 21 photo We in Indonesia . Komodo island is relatively small,

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Osprey on the hunt

Taiwanese photographer Chen Chengguang photographed osprey hunting. Particularly impressive look pictures, where are combined all movements of poultry before diving into the water. 13 photo It is a large bird of prey a length of 60 cm, with

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Meet the elephant

Today we have a meeting with an elephant — the most powerful and the largest land mammal on the planet. It will be interesting. 46 photo Let `s start? This Chitwan National Park in Nepal, Sauhary

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Animals in photos

Life is the most interesting animals from all over the world. 22 photo Cuckoo! The guinea pig. They, too, are hairless, like cats, sphinx. (Photo RSPCA): The volcanic island of Guadalupe, located in the Pacific Ocean near Mexico,

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